Engage Your Supporters By Providing Them


The Keys

Events have long been a way of getting current and prospective donors involved in causes that seem to be or have been proven close to their hearts as philanthropists.  Whether a fundraiser or simply an opportunity for donor cultivation, these events typically foster good will.  For many nonprofit organizations, such events are an essential part of good stewardship.

Written by:

Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal

Dr. Marilyn Freedman

Dr. Andrew D. Jackson


Director and Production Manager:

Sarah Roche


Hair, Make-up, and Wardrobe Director:

Shirley Dawson





Having embraced the performing arts as a tool for social justice, Theatre for Justice (T4J) and FEW LEF (Federally Employed Women Legal And Education Fund Inc.) produced a stage play that diplomatically contends with employment discrimination, homelessness, gender identity, and triple negative breast cancer.  THE KEYS is a riches to rags story that tackles all of these topics and incorporates realistic triumphs of the human spirit over adversity.


Feel free to email or contact us online to explore the prospect of wooing your current and potential supporters with a private performance of THE KEYS. If the play addresses one or more issues relevant to your nonprofit’s mission or key goals (pun intended), why not work with a T4J staffer to make THE KEYS an affordable part of your organization’s public awareness, fundraising, and/or recruiting efforts?  “(I)f communicated correctly, events can be rallying points, reenergizing supporters and bringing new donors in, giving your nonprofit (an impetus) to continue a relationship with them.”  ~ Marc A. Pitman, author of “Ask Without Fear!” 


Virtually overnight, Gloria West went from being Sam Harris’ most valuable employee to an unbearable economic drain . . . that is according to Sam’s envious nephew, recent MBA recipient Lawrence (Larry) Anderson. Larry’s contagious age discrimination infected Sam, and in November 2008 Sam laid Gloria off from work indefinitely. Full of pride, but low on money by the Spring of 2010, Gloria drove to Los Angeles and despite having good friends nearby, lived among the "Venice Car People", a community of homeless people sheltered by their cars. 


Gloria's 2008 luxury sedan and its keys come to symbolize the triumph of  the human spirit over adversity. They assist Gloria in finding keys to surviving betrayal, dire economic hardships, and even her own death. By the end of Gloria's journey, the "key" to ensuring the meaning she wants for her life on earth is Zoe Harris, an aspiring lawyer and daughter of Sam Harris, Gloria's estranged friend and former employer.