• Democracy Improv

Democracy Improv Training (DIT) is a five (5) week civics workshop and performing arts, summer training program for students of any high school in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  The Summer 2018 course begins on Saturday - June 23, 2018 and ends on Saturday -  July 21, 2018.  Each Saturday class begins at 1:30 pm and ends at 3:00 pm.  

During their first DIT class, participating students will be introduced to a fictional controversy between some commercial land developers, residents near a potential commercial development site, the area’s largest trade union, and a coalition of environmental conservationists.  Then, the students’ introduction to improvisational acting will begin.  By the end of their second class, the students will be divided into breakout groups to contemplate ways to depict the course’s fictional controversy from an assigned perspective, i.e., that of the referenced commercial land developers, residents near a potential commercial development site, the area’s largest trade union, or a coalition of environmental conservationists.   

For two (2) days of their workshop/training program, students will present their respective scene which will entail lobbying a fictional U.S. Congressman, Mr. Getit Done. Once all presentations are complete, the entire class will consider the likely impact on Representative Done of each constituent group they depicted given recent social science research of which they will be made aware.  The class will be encouraged to assess the state of democracy in America given those research findings, also taking into consideration the performances of each class group. 

Fee:  $350 per student.  Discounted rate available for households with multiple student enrollees.

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  • Prisoner Art Exhibition
Be  There  A form of inmate support by which T4J administrators select prisoner art because it is interesting, unique, and aesthetically pleasing without necessary regard to art industry standards and corresponding assessments of talent, skill, and creativity.  
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Transcend  The T4J prisoner art promotion track reserved for prisoners and former prisoners with growing critical acclaim:  visionaries, groundbreakers who still appreciate access to audiences that grassroots nonprofits such as T4J can provide.  All prospective Transcend participants must be invited to submit a T4J exhibition entry form by a T4J administrator. 
  • The Keys©

 A Stage Play

It was New Year's Eve 2007, and Gloria West was on top of the world. For her outstanding 2006-2007 car sales record, she was awarded a 2008 luxury sedan.  Then the U.S. auto industry, stock market, and housing industry collapsed.  To survive, Sam Harris, Gloria's boss, needed to rebrand his Illinois auto dealership.  His primary customer base had shifted to young adults looking for economy cars.  Most people in Gloria's luxury car-loving network had retired and moved to warmer climates.


Virtually overnight, Gloria went from being Sam's most valuable employee to an unbearable economic drain . . . that is according to Sam's envious nephew, recent MBA recipient Lawrence Anderson.  His contagious age discrimination infected Sam, and in November 2008 Sam laid Gloria off from work indefinitely.  Full of pride, but low on money by the Spring of 2010, Gloria drove to Los Angeles and despite having good friends nearby, lived among the "Venice Car People", a community of homeless people  sheltered by their cars.  


Gloria's 2008 luxury sedan and its keys come to symbolize the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.  They assist Gloria in finding keys to surviving betrayal, dire economic hardships, and even her own death.  By the end of Gloria's journey, the "key" to ensuring the meaning she wants for her life on earth is Zoe Harris, an aspiring lawyer and daughter of Sam Harris, Gloria's estranged friend and former boss.